Electrical Systems For Medical Facilities

We build and maintain medical facilities across Atlanta, handling everything from interior build-outs to wiring specialized equipment like MRI machines, surgical, and x-ray rooms. 

Our extensive electrical experience ensures precision and reliability in every aspect of our work.

What We Do

Medical Facility Electrical Construction

Our team of electricians understands the strict NEC (National Electrical Code) for the healthcare industry, ensuring that your facility's electrical systems are reliable, compliant, and safe.

Backup Power Solutions

Backup power systems for healthcare facilities have a unique set of requirements from other occupancy types. We specialize in installing medical-grade backup power solutions, including UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems, surge protectors, and standby generators.

Switches, Switchgears & Motor Controls

Healthcare facilities need precise control over their electrical systems. We specialize in switches, switchgear, and motor controls to maintain safe and efficient operations.

Generator Troubleshooting & Repair

We offer a 24/7 electrical service department specializing in troubleshooting and repairing standby power systems and generators.

Our Medical Construction Services

Our electricians cover a wide range of services for essential electrical systems, including:

  • Medical Facility Electrical Installation
  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Transfer Switches
  • Generator Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Switches, Switchgears & Motor Controls
  • 24/7 Electrical Maintenance
  • Compliance with NEC (National Electrical Code) for Healthcare
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Standby Generator Installation
  • Standby System Repair
  • Electrical System Control Solutions
  • Emergency Electrical Service
  • Medical Equipment Power Supply
  • Electrical System Retrofitting
  • Safety & Code Compliance
  • Electrical Panel Maintenance
  • Electrical Circuit Installation
  • Power Distribution Solutions
  • Surge Protection Systems
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions
  • Electrical Equipment Maintenance
  • Wiring Distribution & Terminations

24/7 Electrical Maintenance

A trustworthy power supply is mission-critical in healthcare. We offer 24/7 service support to address any electrical issues promptly and maintain a safe environment for patients and staff.

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"In 2016 we had the opportunity to partner with EC on a challenging medical office project that included an MRI. Under the leadership of Brian Kelleher, we navigated through many challenges and the outcome was a client who has called on us exclusively over the years. And over the years moving forward we partnered many times more to deliver outstanding spaces to several of the largest names in the Atlanta market. I have played a role in their selection and haven't hesitated in recommending them to others within or office, I don't do this lightly, but they haven't let me down. Looking forward with the hope to partner with them many more times in the future."

Chris Carella, Vice President, Site Operations


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