Commercial Electrical Construction

From Metro Atlanta to the Carolinas, our commercial electricians build from the ground up.

We're not just another electrical company. We're your ally in construction.

Our Construction Services

Data Centers

We design and install customized, top-quality electrical systems for new or renovated data centers. For three decades, customers across The Big Peach have counted on our expertise to ensure their data centers are reliable, efficient, and secure. And always on.


We transform interiors with electrical systems designed to enhance productivity, aesthetics, and comfort. Our electrical services breathe life into spaces, delivering lighting, power, and technology solutions that empower better-functioning facilities.


From manufacturing facilities to industrial complexes, our electrical construction solutions are the backbone of your operations. We're dedicated to powering your industry with the utmost reliability and efficiency to ensure uninterrupted operations.


Electrical systems are the lifeline of any healthcare facility. All of our certified electricians go through mandated safety training to ensure your critical care environment stays fully powered and 100% compliant with rigorous industry standards.

More Electrical Construction Options

  • Tenant Buildout-Class A Buildings
  • Ground-Up Construction
  • Church & Other Worship Spaces
  • Sports Facilities
  • Parking Decks
  • EV Charger Installation Units
  • Shopping Centers
  • Multi-Story Office Buildings
  • Mixed-Use Office / Retail Facilities
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Surgery Centers
  • Solar Panel Projects
  • Education Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Specialty Projects
  • Retrofitting
  • Municipal Projects
  • Medical Facilities

24/7 Service Department

Because we built your facility, we’re able to provide efficient maintenance and service requests to keep it running smoothly. Our service lines are open 24/7, all year round.

"EC Electric is my go-to electrical company and is the only electrician on the approved vendor list at my asset. They are reliable and have been able to respond to requests in a very tight time frame. I have never had any issues with their quality of work, not once. Also, we had a major construction project and they were able to save the owner $45,000. Exceptional service and competitive pricing are their standard. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Renee C. in Midtown


Ready to Break Ground?

Your Electrical Construction Partner

With over 30 years of experience in commercial electrical construction, we fully understand the electrical needs of your construction job site.

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