Committed to Compliance

We are fully committed to compliance with all relevant local and state ordinances, as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC).

At EC Electric, electrical safety comes first.

Electrical Safety Training & Reviews

Safety Training

Every year, our employees undergo rigorous training seminars. They hold certifications in First Aid/CPR, NFPA 70E, MEWP, and various other OSHA standards. Every employee also has continuous safety training to ensure our team is well-prepared for any on-site situation.

Toolbox Talks

We truly mean it when we say safety is our priority. Our teams participate in weekly informational "toolbox talks'' that cover a range of safety procedures and rules. These sessions help reinforce the importance of safety in our daily electrical work in the field.

Safety Audits

We are also committed to accountability and transparency on every job site. Our involvement in Workers’ Compensation reviews (and independent safety audits of our regulations) guarantees that our safety standards remain among the highest in the industry.

Electrical Safety Training & Reviews

Fully Equipped Job Sites

On-Site Safety Precautions

We never compromise on safety precautions. Each location has comprehensive first aid kits, proper eyewear, skin protection, and an emergency procedure handbook.

Protective Equipment

Employees are equipped and required to wear all proper protective equipment in compliance with regulations, especially when servicing high voltage projects or operating power tools.

Stringent Adherence

EC Electric employees follow procedures like Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Communication, and all other OSHA Standards to create a safe and secure work environment.

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