Data Center Services

As Atlanta’s leading commercial electrical contractor, we build state-of-the-art data centers for leading tech companies, colocation corporations, and more.

What We Do

Electrical Installation

From data center design and construction to upgrades and retrofitting, we specialize in full-site electrical installation, critical overcurrent protection, and advanced cooling and ventilation.

Redundant Power Supply

We know that data-driven businesses can't afford power cuts. That's why we implement redundant power solutions for peace of mind, including backup power systems with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, power distribution units (PDUs), and generators.

Duct Bank Installation

Electrical and data cables are the backbone of every data center. Duct banks act as their protective armor. Our meticulous duct bank installations ensure rock-solid shielding against external damage and interference. And they also extend the lifespan of your cables.

Our Data Center Services

We specialize in building electrical systems for data centers, built with precision to the highest standards. From duct bank installations to the deployment of essential components like Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and dry or wet cell battery installation, our commercial electricians ensure your data center functions optimally over the long haul.

Service You Can Count On

If data is mission-critical for your business, you can’t afford downtime. Our 24/7 service department ensures efficient electrical maintenance and timely service calls.

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"EC Electric makes sure to approach each project as a partner. Our team has worked with Kyle over the past 5 years on some of our most high profile work and we’ve never missed a date with them on our projects. They’re extremely responsive in all communication and make sure to deliver the highest quality."

Nathan Detore, Senior Project Manager


Let’s Build Your Data Center

Or call us at  (770) 822-2006